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Does Your Ex Still Want You?

It may be over between you two. But love may not disappear overnight!

Your ex may still not stop feeling for you. He or she might still love you though they are not able to confess that due to some hindrance at a personal level. It may be due to their ego which comes in between or simply because they are hesitant to open up. So, it is for you to find out whether he or she still has a thing for you. Or you can simply move on, there is plenty of women out there, websites like this will make it very easy for you to find what you need, and even if you struggle you can still revert to booking call girls or companions – such as the Chic Agency.


Find out whether he is angry or hurt for whatever you have done. If they show indifference, it means that they don’t care. But if they show anger or behave badly with you, it indicates their love for you since we can only get angry or expect things from the ones we love. If they do not care about you anymore and prefer to move on, they wouldn’t have been angry with your actions.

If your ex is going out on dates with other people but is angry when you do the same, consider this as a sign of his emotions towards you. It means that he is going on dates since he is devastated after the break-up and wants to feel better; but he can’t see you with someone else. It may also indicate that he wants to make you feel jealous so that you get back with him. This is another strong sign for his love towards you.

Your ex might not show any feelings for you when he is in a normal condition but behave differently when he is in a drunken state. The intoxicated state is the ideal time to realise whether he still feels for you. Because it is at this state that the true feelings of people come out.

He or she visits the places where they might find you. It may be your favourite coffee-shop or a party that you are supposed to attend.


Find out what he discusses with your best friends, brothers and sisters or your mutual friends. It may be that he does not reveal his feelings or emotions to you but discusses them with the others. So it will be a wise idea to enquire what he feels about you or how he misses you from your mutual friend to whom he discloses everything.

Your ex may not feel like returning your belongings that have remained with him. This is indicative of the fact that he wants to keep them to preserve memories of you. They want these things to remain with them and keep them reminding of you.

You should also observe their reactions when they see you. Do they stare at you for a comparatively longer period of time? Do they make eye contacts? You need to comprehend all these reactions so that you can get an idea about their feelings.

All these will help you to realise what your ex feels about you and help you to decide how to behave with him or her.